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  • Ski Boot & Helmet Bag Kulkea Boot Trekker (70L) - Cobalt Blue/Green
    $149.95 Boot Trekker - Ski Boot Bag (70L)
    “The most thoughtfully designed ski boot bag we have ever used, this durable backpack has a solution for stowing everything you'll need.” – Men’s Journal. The best ski boot bag and...

  • Kulkea Kantaja Double Roller Ski Bag
    $199.95 Kantaja - Double Roller Ski Bag
    New for 2018-19 Kulkea's Wheeled Double Roller ski bag's smart design and added storage makes traveling with 2 pairs of skis, poles and accessories a breeze. Extends to 205cm to fit most skis.  Fully...

  • Best Ski Bag (170 or 190 cm: Grey/Black and Black/Blue)
    $109.95 Kantaja - Ski Bag
    Kulkea's padded ski bag's smart design and added storage makes carrying your skis, poles and accessories a breeze. Available in two sizes: up to 170cm, or 190cm length skis. Fully padded, wide-mouthed, technical ski bag...

  • Micro Pack Kulkea Active Sport backpack - Neon Green/Red
    $99.95 Micro Pack - Multi Sport Trail Backpack
    Kulkea's Micro Pack™ is the minimalist and versatile, on-mountain trail backpack perfect to carry what you need for the day. No more going back to the lodge or car to add or remove layers. Keeps extra goggles, glasses,...

  • Kulkea New Talvi X Ski Boot Bag - Grey/Red
    $69.95 Talvi X - Ski Boot Bag (60L)
    New for 2019-20 Kulkea's Talvi X brings attractive new Finnish inspired patterns and color options in the super spacious ski boot bag.  Large volume top loading lightweight ski boot backpack for alpine ski boots,...

  • Talvi Ski Boot Bag (54L) - Dark Green, Avocado & Mint
    $59.95 $41.96 Talvi - Ski Boot Bag (54L)
    Kulkea's Talvi with cutting edge colors is a more basic yet super spacious and solid ski boot bag. The Smartest Top Loader!   Wide mouth top loading ski boot backpack for boots, helmet gear and apparel. Product...

  • Kulkea Tandem Ski Boot Duffel Bag
    $119.96 $83.96 Tandem - Ski Boot Duffel (64L)
    The four season Kulkea ski boot duffel with Cooler Top™ is the smart solution for carrying two young children’s ski gear. Two Kids. One Bag. Done! Technically designed and compartmentalized ski boot duffel...

  • New Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot and Helmet Bag - Cool Grey/Black/Red
    $239.95 Thermal Trekker - Heated Ski Boot Bag (62L)
    Kulkea's critically acclaimed heated Thermal Trekker™ is 3 awesome bags in one and 2020 brings a new color! Hands down the best heated ski boot bag we've ever used. Conduction heating warms boots and gear...

  • Women's Kulkea Ski Boot Bag Powder Trekker - Teal Green/Grey
    $119.95 Powder Trekker - Ski Boot Bag (52L)
    A smaller cousin to the Boot Trekker the smartly designed, award-winning Powder Trekker packs your gear, keeps you organized and looks great. Popular among women and teens, the premium, lightweight ski boot bag and helmet...

  • Kulkea SP PRO Ski Boot Bag - Racing Red/Black
    $139.95 SP PRO - Ski Boot Bag (61L)
    The innovative SP PRO ski boot bag from Kulkea provides plenty of storage with taller boot pockets, quick access and quality. Travel-ready front loading ski boot backpack stows ski boots, helmet and gear. The Jumbo...

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